Grand Rapids Youth Symphony & Classical Orchestra receives grant money from the Grand Rapids Symphony Women’s Committee to provide tuition assistance to families of students who find it difficult to pay the full amount. We are committed to making assistance available to all who need it.

Program Details

  • Tuition assistance is generally limited to 50 percent of the total tuition unless the Tuition Assistance Committee identifies a financial hardship that warrants a greater award.
  • Tuition assistance awards apply only to unpaid tuition; there are no reimbursements for paid tuition.
  • Recipient parents are expected to volunteer 4 hours per student.
  • All information provided by applicants will be kept confidential.
  • Misrepresentation of financial circumstances may result in an immediate withdrawal of any tuition assistance award.


More Information

If you have questions about tuition assistance, please contact the Grand Rapids Youth Symphony office at 616-842-6566 or