Tuition Assistance

The Grand Rapids Youth Symphony & Classical Orchestra (GRYS & CO) has been granted money from the Grand Rapids Symphony Women’s Committee to provide tuition assistance for this season.   Financial assistance is offered to students for the second part of the season so they may profit from the orchestral music experience. This assistance will help give deserving young musicians the ability to participate in the orchestra even though it may be difficult to meet the financial requirements of tuition.  Application forms for tuition assistance must be completed and submitted in the given time period. Tuition assistance will be limited to 50% of the total tuition due and will be applied to the second semester payment unless the Tuition Assistance Committee determines a specific financial hardship exists which warrants a greater award. Tuition monies are only available for unpaid tuition, and, there are no reimbursements for paid tuition.

The Tuition Assistance application deadline is in late July each year.  (See the form for specific dates.) The GRYS & CO are committed to making assistance available to all who need it. All information provided by applicants will be maintained in a confidential manner. Misrepresentation of financial information or circumstances may result in an immediate withdrawal of any tuition assistance award.  Parent(s) or Guardian(s) will be notified through the email of assistance awards before October 1.

Click here to get the application form.