GRYS Concert Dress Code

Starting in 2016-17, the Grand Rapids Youth Symphony and Classical Orchestra changed to an all black dress code for indoor concerts.  Here are the details regarding concert attire.


No excessive jewelry.

Hair & facial hair must be neat and within boundaries of good taste.


Shirt: BLACK  long sleeve or 3/4 length (over the elbow),

Long Black Skirt (floor length) or Dress Pants: Black full-cut long dress pants must be of a formal fabric (no jeans, leggings, stretch pants nor any tight fitting material) 

Socks: Black nylons, black mid-calf or black knee socks (socks or nylons are mandatory)

Shoes: Black dress shoes (no open toe, tennis shoes, or sandals)          

No excessive jewelry & hair neat within boundaries of good taste


Shirt:  BLACK button down with Black buttons, long sleeved & collared

Bow TieBlack

Pants:  Black dress pants of a formal fabric (no jeans)

Belt:  Black 

Socks:  Black at least mid-calf (no quarter socks or ‘no shows’)

Shoes:  Black dress shoes (no open toe, tennis shoes, or sandals)

No suit coats or vests, no suspenders