GRYS Conductor Search Committee

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Dear Parents, Colleagues, and Friends,
As all of you know, John Varineau is retiring on 5/16 after our last concert. A
search committee has been formed to find a temporary conductor for the Grand
Rapids Youth Symphony & Classical Orchestra for the 2021-2022 season. The
GRYS Search Committee includes members of both the Grand Rapids Symphony
and the GRYS/CO leadership teams and two GRS musicians. Filling MR. V’s shoes
will not be easy, but we are committed to finding a temporary conductor who
enjoys working with our talented youth and who will keep them reaching for the
level of playing that the GRYS/CO is known for in our community. We plan to fill
the position no later than mid-summer. An additional search will begin this
summer to fill John’s current positions with GRYS/CO and the GRS.
We thank you for sharing your young musicians with us and we look forward to a
new season with them next fall.

Any interested candidates can follow this link for more information