Parent Association

Part of the success of the Grand Rapids Youth Symphony is due to the work of many volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering, contact the appropriate person from the list below.

Parent Association President


Parent Association Vice President


Auditions (Chair Tests & Spring Auditions)

Mary Ellen Logan,

Patricia & Paul Stephenson

Concert Coordination

Brian Stiefel,


Patricia Stephenson,

Video & Audio Recordings

Gaspare Dara,

Home & Garden Show

Richard Kelley,

Public and Media Relations

Kay Ross,


This position is currently open.

Photography Coordination

Marjorie Mayhew,


Brian Stiefel,

Social Events

Christine Wilkins,

Stage/Rehearsal Setup

Deb Suttner,

200-Minute Practice Event

Mary Ellen Logan,

Media & Website

Randy Pruim,

John Wenger